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Jonathan is a prolific illustrator, animator, playwright, and filmmaker who lives in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, on the Brooklyn side.


As a kid in Arizona, he drew pictures, wore homemade costumes, and sometimes sculpted movie scenes from the leftover foil from his lunch.  (Indiana Jones running from the boulder was a favorite.)


He studied fine art at Boston's Museum School, then filmmaking at New York University. His film Notes from the Acrid Plain screened internationally, and won 3rd Prize at The Science Fiction Film Festival, at Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle. In 2009 he helped start The Shelter Theatre Company, and became the company's Creative Director.

In 2013, The Shelter produced his play LILY & KOSMO LIVE, a multimedia tribute to golden age science fiction and radio serials.  He has since adapted this story into a children's novel from Simon & Schuster, and a live action short film/pilot, currently in post-production.

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